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Consumer Facilities

Automated Domestic and Offshore Options Drive Down Costs

As a consumer product manufacturer, you require fast turnaround of high-quality, low-cost components. Phillips-Medisize is a market leader with five decades of experience in engineering services, quality, delivery, and customer care. With consumer product manufacturing facilities around the globe, Phillips-Medisize has the ability to simultaneously launch programs on multiple continents. Your program will benefit from dedicated, on-site engineers with market-specific experience, and automated processes that drive down costs, along with:

  • Full services, from design to distribution
  • Low- and high-volume manufacturing capabilities
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Secured work cells to ensure confidentiality 
  • Quality ISO 9001 certification
  • On-shore and off-shore tooling

The world-class consumer product manufacturing facilities at Phillips-Medisize include custom injection molding, multi-shot injection molding, magnesium injection molding (thixomolding), metal injection molding (MIM), and multi-shot liquid silicone molding, to name a few. From a single provider, you get one-stop, upfront design and prototype services at Phillips-Medisize, along with clean room and related facilities required to ensure optimal program speed, quality and longevity. 

To provide you with service excellence, each of our facilities features low to high volume, automated processes designed to reduce labor costs and save you money and time.


World-class, State-of-the-art Consumer Product Manufacturing Capabilities

Phillips-Medisize provides you access to eight U.S. and Mexico-based facilities, giving you the most innovative solutions for your consumer programs. With over 547,000 square feet and 200 presses (ranging from 7-935 tons), you are able to leverage the folllowing Phillips-Medisize capabilities:

  • Full product assembly and testing
  • Packaging
  • Decorative parts
  • Multi-material molding
  • In-mold decorating (IMD)
  • In-mold labeling (IML)
  • Metal injection molding
  • Multi-shot liquid silicone rubber
  • Magnesium injection molding (Thixomolding)
  • Chrome plating
  • Functional parts



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